Why Poetry?

I don’t quite understand my fascination with poetry. I prefer writing it to reading it; I’m very picky about what poems I enjoy reading. I don’t have a community of people around me who like it. Why can’t I stop writing it? Why can’t I stop reading the ones I like? What’s the draw? What … Continue reading Why Poetry?

Make It Mighty Ugly: Review

Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain't Pretty. Published in 2014 by Kim Piper Werker Why I picked this one up--in store and off shelf I forget whether this was in the writing section or with the drawing/crafts stuff. It doesn’t matter much; the advice in the book tries to be good … Continue reading Make It Mighty Ugly: Review

Why Writing Prompts Don’t Work (for Me)

If you’re not a writer--first of all, why not?--and second of all, maybe you’re not familiar with the phrase “writing prompts.” You’re familiar with the idea: in school, when you were assigned a topic to write about, that was a prompt. At work, if you ever have to prepare some prose on a given proposal, … Continue reading Why Writing Prompts Don’t Work (for Me)