The Hermit, Part 3: The Hermit in Real Life

Have you read Part 1: Upright and Part 2: Reversed? They're not prerequisites for this discussion of historical hermits; this post, in fact, is meant to give more depth to the preceding posts. But go read them if you want to! And then come back here, because this stuff is fascinating. All right, that’s enough … Continue reading The Hermit, Part 3: The Hermit in Real Life

The Hermit, Part 2: Reversed

Have you read Part 1: Upright Meanings yet? If not--don't worry! It might be a fun and interesting exercise to think about the Hermit reversed before you know him upright. When a tarot card shows up upside down in a reading, its meaning changes. It can be the "opposite" of its upright meaning; or it … Continue reading The Hermit, Part 2: Reversed

The Hermit, Part 1: Upright

Etymology I always want to start with words! Our symbols may be nonverbal, but we have to talk about them with words, and those words become symbols themselves! Have you ever had a dream where your brain made a symbol or image out of a pun? “Hermit” comes from the Greek erēmitēs, meaning “person who … Continue reading The Hermit, Part 1: Upright

How to Take Yourself on a Date

That’s not really the right phrase, is it? A “date” implies another person, and "taking yourself on one" makes it sound like you're doing the abnormal thing, like there's something missing from what you're doing.  We can go the other way, and say it's a "date" because you love yourself and you're pampering yourself, and … Continue reading How to Take Yourself on a Date

On Being Alone

A secret: this is what all my posts are actually about. Cleaning your space? Writing and making stuff? All ways to be okay with being alone. That's why they're here on the weird kids' blog. I welcome the weird kids who feel accepted and have many friends, but I'm really talking to the ones who … Continue reading On Being Alone

How to Take Advice

“This all sounds very neurotypical, Karen” How many times have you been on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and seen an article saying “Hey! Here’s how to solve that problem you have!” Wow--you want to solve that problem, right? So you read the article! And those tips sound great… until you remember that you … Continue reading How to Take Advice