What Does Coziness Mean?

Let’s start with the etymology. What do the words themselves teach us about how to make a room cozy? Cozy There is a connection to the Norwegian words kose seg, meaning “to bask, to enjoy oneself, to be cozy”, and koselig, which loosely translates to “coziness.” The OED doesn’t recognize this connection, however. It says … Continue reading What Does Coziness Mean?

The Hermit, Part 1: Upright

Etymology I always want to start with words! Our symbols may be nonverbal, but we have to talk about them with words, and those words become symbols themselves! Have you ever had a dream where your brain made a symbol or image out of a pun? “Hermit” comes from the Greek erēmitēs, meaning “person who … Continue reading The Hermit, Part 1: Upright