The Hermit, Part 2: Reversed

Have you read Part 1: Upright Meanings yet? If not--don't worry! It might be a fun and interesting exercise to think about the Hermit reversed before you know him upright. When a tarot card shows up upside down in a reading, its meaning changes. It can be the "opposite" of its upright meaning; or it … Continue reading The Hermit, Part 2: Reversed

How to Take Yourself on a Date

That’s not really the right phrase, is it? A “date” implies another person, and "taking yourself on one" makes it sound like you're doing the abnormal thing, like there's something missing from what you're doing.  We can go the other way, and say it's a "date" because you love yourself and you're pampering yourself, and … Continue reading How to Take Yourself on a Date