Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

You’ve seen the gorgeous illustrated journals on Pinterest and Instagram. You’ve pored over the sketches and watercolors, the bullet journal layouts of itineraries and packing lists. You’ve dreamed about going to those exotic locations yourself someday, sitting in a historic area, sketching the architecture, trying the food, listening to the people. But you’re not going … Continue reading Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

Why Poetry?

I don’t quite understand my fascination with poetry. I prefer writing it to reading it; I’m very picky about what poems I enjoy reading. I don’t have a community of people around me who like it. Why can’t I stop writing it? Why can’t I stop reading the ones I like? What’s the draw? What … Continue reading Why Poetry?

On Being Alone

A secret: this is what all my posts are actually about. Cleaning your space? Writing and making stuff? All ways to be okay with being alone. That's why they're here on the weird kids' blog. I welcome the weird kids who feel accepted and have many friends, but I'm really talking to the ones who … Continue reading On Being Alone

Copyright and Making Art Out of Poems

Fun fact: Your poems are automatically copyrighted as soon as you write them down, whether it’s on the back of an envelope, in that fancy cotton-paper notebook, or in your notes app. The words belong to you (for your lifetime plus 70 years) and, legally, unless you give someone the right to publish them (such … Continue reading Copyright and Making Art Out of Poems