What Does Coziness Mean?

Let’s start with the etymology. What do the words themselves teach us about how to make a room cozy? Cozy There is a connection to the Norwegian words kose seg, meaning “to bask, to enjoy oneself, to be cozy”, and koselig, which loosely translates to “coziness.” The OED doesn’t recognize this connection, however. It says … Continue reading What Does Coziness Mean?

You’re Going to Have to Declutter Again

You just finished decluttering! Your house looks amazing, Instagram-ready, cleaner than when you moved in! You’re relaxing in a chair next to a table with exactly two things on it. Your creativity is on absolute fire because you can see all your supplies and materials and you know exactly what you want to do with … Continue reading You’re Going to Have to Declutter Again

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule: A Tutorial for Spoonies

The Eternal Struggle Cleaning. Dusting, scrubbing, putting stuff away. It’s gotta be done, because entropy exists. Your living space will always be in the process of falling into disorder. Dust will always be settling. You can learn to like it, but few of us do. And hey, a clean space is less stressful and all. … Continue reading How to Make a Cleaning Schedule: A Tutorial for Spoonies

Decluttering Without Minimalism

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” --William Morris, textile designer, writer, activist What is minimalism? Minimalism is one end of a spectrum. At this end, the idea is as little as possible of whatever is included in your context. So, in art, you … Continue reading Decluttering Without Minimalism