On Being Alone

A secret: this is what all my posts are actually about. Cleaning your space? Writing and making stuff? All ways to be okay with being alone. That's why they're here on the weird kids' blog. I welcome the weird kids who feel accepted and have many friends, but I'm really talking to the ones who … Continue reading On Being Alone

Make It Mighty Ugly: Review

Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain't Pretty. Published in 2014 by Kim Piper Werker Why I picked this one up--in store and off shelf I forget whether this was in the writing section or with the drawing/crafts stuff. It doesn’t matter much; the advice in the book tries to be good … Continue reading Make It Mighty Ugly: Review

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule: A Tutorial for Spoonies

The Eternal Struggle Cleaning. Dusting, scrubbing, putting stuff away. It’s gotta be done, because entropy exists. Your living space will always be in the process of falling into disorder. Dust will always be settling. You can learn to like it, but few of us do. And hey, a clean space is less stressful and all. … Continue reading How to Make a Cleaning Schedule: A Tutorial for Spoonies

How to Take Advice

“This all sounds very neurotypical, Karen” How many times have you been on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and seen an article saying “Hey! Here’s how to solve that problem you have!” Wow--you want to solve that problem, right? So you read the article! And those tips sound great… until you remember that you … Continue reading How to Take Advice