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What to Do If You have RBF

What is RBF? Resting Bitch Face. You already know about it; it’s been a meme for a couple of decades now. Here’s how you know if you have it: people tell you–or react to you as if–your face is expressing anger, sadness, contempt, etc, when you aren’t actually expressing anything. It’s the guy who tells … Continue reading What to Do If You have RBF

Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

You’ve seen the gorgeous illustrated journals on Pinterest and Instagram. You’ve pored over the sketches and watercolors, the bullet journal layouts of itineraries and packing lists. You’ve dreamed about going to those exotic locations yourself someday, sitting in a historic area, sketching the architecture, trying the food, listening to the people. But you’re not going … Continue reading Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

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