Intuitive Tarot Reading: On the Future of the Blog


I am using “The Next Phase” from Emerald Lotus Tarot. I looked through a few spreads before I focused on this one; most of the others were more geared towards divining a person’s intentions, manifesting, personal blocks, that sort of thing. This one seemed best to read for the Entity that is Where the Weird Kids Are, and what I hope it can become.


I am using Normal Horoscopes’s Normal Tarot, which may currently be out of print? But here is the rest of the Caretaker’s merch. This is a very nontraditional deck: the structure seems loosely based on the Rider-Waite suits-and-courts idea, but they’ve added so much of their own twist that I can’t tell which cards would be analogous to which.

Which is great, actually! Not only because CT is good people who does good art, but also because I’ve always been more comfortable reading intuitively. (Also I didn’t buy the book of in-depth card meanings.) I prefer to look at the symbols on the card and interpret them *in connection* with the person (or in this case entity) for whom I’m reading. Oh, the books say the Six of Cups means this? Well, this guy looks like my uncle, he’s the first thing that comes to mind, so I’m actually going to say it’s indicating him! Just as an example (no one in any deck has resembled my uncle in real life. So far anyway).

an image of the tarot cards spread in an arc on a teal reading cloth

Intuitive Reading

See, I think if we’re using the tarot, or dreams or any other media, to receive message from the Immanent Force we call Spirit/God/Higher Self, etc, then those messages are meant for us, specifically as we are in that very moment, and they use what we already have inside us to give their meaning. Which means we each have an individual, unique set of symbols and associations all ready to go whenever we ask for a message!

The trouble we sometimes have with that is that those associations are made without us asking for them or doing anything on purpose, so we might not realize at first that, say, lavender means your grandma. Or the associations might not be something we like to admit to ourselves, like maybe you *want* pandas to represent Asia, or cuteness or resilience, but to you, they mean your ex.

I used to be really good at this with Brian Froud’s Faeries’ Oracle. Its symbology was so lined up with mine that I didn’t even have to use premade “spreads”; I could just lay some cards down where they felt right, and see how they related to each other. I haven’t been able to do that for a long time, or with any other deck. I hope that by doing regular readings for this blog, the practice will give me my abilities back.

an image of six cards laid out in a reversed triangle on the teal reading cloth

The Reading

Position 1: What I’m being called to do next on my journey
Card: The Tenth of Summer. The ever-hungry nature of passion.
This card shows… a volcano? No–a mouth. Those are teeth. But it’s definitely exploding, ejecting light and matter. Or are the flaming bits being pulled in? Given the booklet meaning, I’m gonna have to guess this is a world-eater, ever-hungry.
So what am I being called to do next, then? Consume! Hunt your [art] down and eat it! Which is what I’m doing, so far: I’ve been gathering every bit of research and information I can find and devouring it! Now I need to be just as hungry for producing content–echoing how the mouth on the card might be producing the fire, not consuming it. I remember being hungry for writing. I can do that again.

Position 2: What this looks like for me
Card: The Fifth of Spring. You’re halfway there.
This card shows a picnic of mostly breads, with a dragonfly! Dragonflies mean “imagination” first for me. Bread–and picnics, now that I think of it–mean companionship, because I was raised Christian and I have the image of “breaking bread with one another” etched quite deeply in my brain. How does this image connect to the given meaning, “You’re halfway there”? Maybe this is a meal being had on the way to somewhere, a stop on a journey. Maybe that’s not bread but lembas!

Okay, so *what I’m being called to do*, i.e. be hungry, *looks like* being halfway there. Resting, yet hungry. They do both involve consuming–everything, and bread. Maybe I am meant to remember to rest, but still work at the same time?

That would make sense, actually. See, I have some sort of condition that makes me tired a lot, especially if I stand up for a long time. Doctors haven’t been able to actually diagnose anything: I’m not in the clinical range for POTS, all the levels they can check in my blood are great, I don’t have cardiac neuropathy. But I get tired and foggy. POTS home remedies do help, like salt and compression socks. But not always.

So, the reminder to Rest, Not Quit, would be extremely appropriate!

Position 3: Action I can take to initiate this next phase
Card: The Fourth of Spring. Free space, a normal day
The Fourth of Spring shows a humanoid figure at the bottom of a hill, looking up at a winding path to the top. Well, that one’s obvious, isn’t it? I love when the tarot reads me right back. Start! The phrase “a normal day” in the booklet meaning seems to mean to make this a routine. Which is excellent advice for starting a blog! And keep starting over every day. Beginner’s Mind.

Position 4: How this next phase of my journey will impact me
Card: The Winter Solstice. A perfect turning point
Okay, *this* one shows a volcano! Just smoking, but definitely. Or maybe–wait–maybe it’s a heap of smoking ashes. Yes, that makes more sense as a “perfect turning point”. The old is perfectly burned away, and the new comes in with the rising sun in the background of the card.

Or, at another look, maybe that’s not smoke at all. Maybe it’s a rock, perfectly balanced on top of another rock’s point. A ballerina’s toe as she spins. … Art is subjective. Anyway, maybe *this next phase will impact me* by giving me more balance. Like a fighter, balanced in their center, so that they can launch in any direction at any time.

Position 5: Something I need to understand about this next phase
Card: The Eighth of Summer. The nervous energy of excitement
This card shows more food. Two people are slicing fruits and making a pie. Are they nervously excited about their meal? Cottagecore has made baking seem like such a relaxing thing, but I have definitely seen people stress over making a perfect pie crust.

Maybe they’re nervous because it’s their first time cooking for each other (or for someone else, but I have decided that they are in a relationship). So, yes, *I need to understand* that I will be nervous about creating this content and then trying to serve it to others. Anyone would be, right?

Position 6: A message from Spirit that I need to hear right now
Card: The Drowned King. Tragedy and hubris
The King in this card is at the bottom of a (koi?) pond, and his crown is floating away.
Okay, well, yes, hubris. But I think anyone starting a venture that requires creativity and/or marketing needs to have a little more confidence than they might realistically deserve. I suppose, though, if I expect more results than whatever turns out to actually happen, it would be a blow, and that would be a tragedy. But if I don’t expect much, I can be pleasantly surprised when I (obviously, inevitably) become famous and king of the world. Simple.


I am being called to consume and be hungry for my passion. Enthusiastically do the research and the work.
But remember to rest, and do what work I can while I do so.
Make it a routine, make it my new normal.
It will be a turning point, and maybe lead to more balance in myself.
I must remember that nervousness is normal.
But I must also remember not to expect too much, or I will be disappointed.

Good advice for anyone starting a new thing, really. Stuff I might have come up with if I sat in silent meditation for a while. Which is how I know that divination methods are using what’s already inside me to show me meaning. It’s not showing me anything I didn’t know, but it’s bringing that knowledge to my surface consciousness.

an image of a cat helping to read the tarot cards

If you want an intuitive tarot reading, talk to me! I charge one dollar per card. You can bring me a spread you’d like me to use, or you can let me choose one based on how many cards you’d like to use. I’ll give you a reading just as in-depth as this one!

My reading cloth today is a hand-woven shawl that I made on my rigid heddle loom. The warp is hand-dyed wool by Knitty and Color and the weft is Malabrigo Rios. The shawl will be on sale in my Etsy shop!

How do you like to read cards? Do you like to read the symbols with your own unique meanings? Let’s talk in the comments!

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a pinnable image for this article
a pinnable image for this article

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