Who? What? Why?

Thanks for clicking over to my blog! There’s a lot of great content coming your way very soon. For now, I figured I’d tell you about myself and why I wanted to start this blog. You can find the same info on the about page.

Introducing myself

I’m Madison Wagaman. I’ve lived in Southern Maryland all my life, except for when I lived in Colorado.

I was the weird kid: reading too much, saying strange things in long sentences, noticing things other people didn’t because I was looking somewhere else.

And yeah, okay, I’m mentally ill also: I have depression, paranoia, and executive dysfunction. I’m also synaesthetic, which I don’t think is as uncommon as we think. And I have physical problems: I’m a type 1 diabetic and I have hypothyroidism, restless legs, keratosis pilaris, and a couple other things.

All of that adds up to some challenges that only a small percentage of us face. We’ve all got a unique set of problems, but we all have them.

I thought I was the only one. But then I learned that just about everyone thinks they are “the crazy one” in their friend groups. And I found people like me online, where I learned that “Am I the Only One Who…?” can always be answered by “There are Seven Billion People in the world! No, you are never the only one who.”

But I know that loneliness and alienation are still huge problems. It’s hard to “find your tribe”–especially if you struggle with anxiety or have trouble leaving your house for other reasons.

So I wanted to create a place full of direct connections to the other “weird kids”, plus resources for how to find them on your own and how to be okay with your solitude in the mean time.

Find yourself and find the others!

What else can I do for you?

I would also like to direct you to the contact (or hire me) page! I am starting out as a freelancer in some fields that I truly love. I’d like to proofread, transcribe (audio or video), read tarot, interpret dreams, and help you declutter and organize!

That seems like a lot, but hey–there’s a lot of stuff you’re good at, too! Let me help you make your projects their most accessible, their most understandable… their best!

And again, thanks for clicking! Let me know if there’s any other information you’re curious about in the comments, or email me!

PS: I hate sharing pictures of my face! Here’s one (including Pharaoh) anyway:

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