What to Do If You have RBF

What is RBF? Resting Bitch Face. You already know about it; it’s been a meme for a couple of decades now. Here’s how you know if you have it: people tell you--or react to you as if--your face is expressing anger, sadness, contempt, etc, when you aren’t actually expressing anything. It’s the guy who tells … Continue reading What to Do If You have RBF

How to Be Part of Something Bigger

Feeling like you are a part of a group, especially one with a spiritual or otherwise important purpose, is one of the best feelings there is. To move as one with people who agree with you on something -- you evolved to like it. If you’re sneering right now, it’s because you’ve never felt it. … Continue reading How to Be Part of Something Bigger

Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

You’ve seen the gorgeous illustrated journals on Pinterest and Instagram. You’ve pored over the sketches and watercolors, the bullet journal layouts of itineraries and packing lists. You’ve dreamed about going to those exotic locations yourself someday, sitting in a historic area, sketching the architecture, trying the food, listening to the people. But you’re not going … Continue reading Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

What Does Coziness Mean?

Let’s start with the etymology. What do the words themselves teach us about how to make a room cozy? Cozy There is a connection to the Norwegian words kose seg, meaning “to bask, to enjoy oneself, to be cozy”, and koselig, which loosely translates to “coziness.” The OED doesn’t recognize this connection, however. It says … Continue reading What Does Coziness Mean?

Why Poetry?

I don’t quite understand my fascination with poetry. I prefer writing it to reading it; I’m very picky about what poems I enjoy reading. I don’t have a community of people around me who like it. Why can’t I stop writing it? Why can’t I stop reading the ones I like? What’s the draw? What … Continue reading Why Poetry?

Why Insomnia Tips Never Worked for Me

(Note: I will be mentioning my experiences with medications in this article. I am not a doctor and I am not your doctor. I am only speaking about what happened to me. Don’t use my experiences to medicate your own body!) You know the old string of advice you get when you tell a doctor … Continue reading Why Insomnia Tips Never Worked for Me

The Most Important Books for My Spirituality

In no particular order. A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Madeleine L’Engle You might have read A Wrinkle in Time, or seen the movie, and that was formative for any girl of a certain personality at a certain age. A Swiftly Tilting Planet is the fourth (depending on how time works) in the series. It is responsible … Continue reading The Most Important Books for My Spirituality

You’re Going to Have to Declutter Again

You just finished decluttering! Your house looks amazing, Instagram-ready, cleaner than when you moved in! You’re relaxing in a chair next to a table with exactly two things on it. Your creativity is on absolute fire because you can see all your supplies and materials and you know exactly what you want to do with … Continue reading You’re Going to Have to Declutter Again

Dropping Ashes on the Buddha: A Review and Answer Key

The Teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn, compiled by Stephen Mitchell, published in 1994. This might be the best book on Zen I have ever read in my life. And I don’t read a lot of them.  I once explained to someone that this was because they all say the same thing; you could pick … Continue reading Dropping Ashes on the Buddha: A Review and Answer Key

Social Media, Your (Disordered) Brain, and You

Is It an Addiction? “A recent meta-analysis suggests that globally the prevalence rate [of social media addiction] is about 6% and that it varies by country, ranging from 2.6% to 10.9%” (source: Brain Anatomy Alterations Associated with Social Networking Site Addiction). “Internet Gaming Disorder” is included as a possible condition, warranting further study, in the … Continue reading Social Media, Your (Disordered) Brain, and You